iLuun: The Smart Wireless Storage Drive For Iphone And Android


Storage. It’s a real problem in the age of endless media. Pictures, videos and music suck up all the room on our phones and computers. We want to trust THE CLOUD, but we all still want physical storage for our beloved selfies. Enter the iLuun smart wireless storage drive.

The iLuun is more than capable of functioning like a regular flash drive, but it can also be used wirelessly. On top of that, it packs a lot of storage in its small frame. 256GB to be exact. So how does it work?

Per the company’s Kickstarter:

Like your cellphones, TVs, and radios, the iLuun Air uses WiFi to transmit data across a network. The iLuun Air has a built-in wireless adapter that translates this data into a radio signal. This same signal will be transmitted via the iLuun Air’s built-in antenna, where it is then decoded. Once decoded, the data is sent to your mobile device. Since the iLuun Air acts as its own router, NO INTERNET CONNECTION IS NEEDED. And because the iLuun Air emits its own wifi network, all of your friends can also connect.

And here is a video further explaining the wireless storage experience.


See more over at Kickstarter

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