Step up Your Fall Fashion With Indochino’s Custom Suits

A suit is one of the most important things in your closet. Having it tailored and bespoke just makes it that much better. Whether you’re sporting it for work, a wedding, interview, or just a casual weekend brunch, you can’t go wrong with wearing a suit. Indochino’s got you covered this fall with this sleek micro houndstooth Malvern suit. Step out into the season in style! This suit is seasonal and is made with limited issue fabrics. It’s 100% Merino wool, so it’s breathable and comfortable for all-day wear. The suit uses 280 gsm midweight fabric perfect for all climates and seasons.

Indochino suits use top quality materials and are created with thoughtful construction. Suit jackets are half canvassed, with fully fused fronts, for greater versatility and a better shape. Each jacket also has fully canvassed lapels, bullhorn buttons, lightweight shoulder pads, and high quality collar felts. Each suit is custom made to your measurements and specifications. Indochino’s step-by-step video guides show you how to set up your measurement profile. It takes less than ten minutes and your measurements will be set and your bespoke suit soon in your hands. There are endless custom options, including lapels, pockets, buttons, linings, and monograms. You can also add a vest for an additional cost. Indochino is the largest exclusive made-to-measure apparel company in the world. You’ll definitely find suits perfect for any and all occasions. Buy Here

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