This Coloring Book Takes You on a Gruesome Coloring Adventure

There’s been a lot of adult coloring books in the market the last few years, so how does one stand out? Well, skip the mandalas and inspirational phrases and dedicate a whole book to infectious diseases of course. Yeah, that’ll definitely stand out. You can’t say there isn’t an interest in the topic. We’re all a little curious about infectious diseases, whether we’re big The Walking Dead fans, obsessed with movies like Contagion, or just interested in biology or medicine. What’s life without some morbid curiosity? The 35 highly-detailed pages of The Infectious Disease Colouring Book will help satisfy some of that curiosity and let you unleash your creative side. Learn about flesh-eating bacteria, Leprosy, Syphilis, and more, all while polishing off a box of Crayolas.

Satisfy your morbid curiosity and creativity

The Infectious Disease Colouring Book is the perfect gag gift for med students, science buffs, or just anyone who’s looking for a relaxing time coloring things that are anything but relaxing. It’s the height of flu season and there’s nothing more perfect than spending your sick time choosing what color goes best with Herpes (red?). What a great activity to do while you down that chicken noodle soup! This book is your chance to perfect your shading technique, use those color coordination skills, and learn some science. You can color and learn that a person becomes afflicted with the Guinea Worm Disease when they drink contaminated water. A year later, the female guinea worm comes out of a blister in the skin, causing a painful burning situation. I think we’ll go with reds for this one. 

This one-of-a-kind adult coloring book comes from author and publisher Nicholas Wright. He started Gizzy Books as an indie publisher to create fun and relaxing coloring books for adults, like this one. Wright studied illustration in Sydney and mixes his love of art and humor in his publications. Buy Here


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