Channel Your Inner Secret Agent With the Invictus Experience

Fast cars, martinis, tailored suits, code names, and jaw dropping action sequences—it takes a lot to live the secret agent life. It’s a fantasy shared by many and now you can live it! The Invictus Experience lets you have the opportunity to embark on true-to-life espionage adventures in Las Vegas. This 8-hour experience is great solo or with your A-team. Whether you’re James Bond or more like Austin Powers, the Invictus Experience will tap into your inner spy. Experience unparalleled action-packed training, camaraderie, entertainment, and more on this adventure.

The experience benefits Warfighter Made, an all-volunteer, veterans-based nonprofit. Warfighter Made provides recreational therapy to ill, injured, and combat wounded veterans. They customize vehicles for catastrophically wounded veterans and also practice Adrenalin Therapy, taking veterans on outdoor trips and have them drive the adapted Polaris RZRs.

Get your James Bond on

The Invictus Experience: The Selection package helps you develop real Operative Tactics and Tradecraft. Learn the skills and tactics that you’ve seen practiced in James Bond, Kingsmen, Mission Impossible, and John Wick. Eight hours is just enough time to experience this once-in-a-lifetime, entertaining adventure and get you back to swap your cover story and make it to dinner. At $4,495/person, this experience doesn’t come cheap. What an amazing opportunity it would be for a bachelor’s party, dirty thirty, or anything in between! For all that you get packed in eight hours, including driving a supercar, firearms training, and riding and shooting out of a flying helicopter, the experience sounds worth the cost.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it

This experience takes you on a clandestine and covert mission alongside Elite Decorated Special Operations Forces Veterans. INVEX Agent Mr. Green will give you your Mission Objectives and top secret dossier with your assignment details. It doesn’t self destruct like in Mission Impossible unfortunately. You’ll need to remember your given password to get into your transport. You will infiltrate an indoor or outdoor private range facility for an adrenaline pumping firearms experience. Live your PUBG dreams on this part of the mission with the custom-prepared shootout, complete with training on pistols, rifles, and machine guns. No frying pans here. You’ll fly aboard the open-door Gunship Helicopter as well and train on aerial targeting. And you can’t have a secret mission without luxury cars or high speed chases. You’ll evade in high speeds driving a Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, or a high powered off road Trophy Truck.

After you complete your mission, you will be initiated as an INVEX Agent and also receive access to the exclusive INVEX Society. You’ll compete against other agents and receive invites to bespoke events! The Invictus Experience has four packages available for the espionage adventure: The Indoctrination, The Rendezvous, The Selection, and the Full Mission Profile. Depending on the package you choose, additional activities include housing in luxury suites or private mansions, jumping out of a plane at 12,000 ft with a military free fall team, secret dinner, exclusive access and VIP tables to nightclubs, high stakes gaming, and a hand tailored suit. This is an experience you don’t want to miss! Sign Up


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