The Pioneer Ion Slim Wallet Is 10X Stronger Than Steel

pioneer ion wallet

We no longer live in an age where men’s wallets are so big that sitting on them is detrimental to our spine. Yes, friends, we are way past the George Costanza Wallet Era. Our generation loves minimalism and nothing is more proof of that than what has happened to wallets over the last 20 years. Slim wallets are all the rage. Speaking of rage, it would take herculean rage to destroy this slim wallet we have today. That’s because Pioneer’s Ion wallet is made from ripstop fabric that is said to be 10 times stronger than steel.

On top of being durable as hell and slim as hell, the Ion wallet is also functional as hell because it can hold up to 8 credit cards and tons of cash. But that’s not all, it comes in a variety of colors and other model variations so if you need one that holds 12 card and cash, Pioneer has you covered too. Buy Here

ion wallet

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