Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Advent Calendar Can Put Anyone In The Holiday Spirit

Now, you may be saying it takes more than a sip of Jack Daniels to get you into the holiday spirit. You have to mingle with the in-laws, drive an hour to Christmas dinner, and you have to find the perfect gift for everyone in your family. Not even a sip of the finest whiskey can help with that. Well I have good news. You get 23 sips of Jack Daniel’s finest whiskey.

Of the 25 days in the month of December, for 23 of them you could be sampling some great Tennessee whiskey. On the 7th day of Christmas Jack Daniels gave to you, a mini hip flask. Getting you ready to tackle the big day on the 25th.

For those of you who do not know what an advent calendar is or how it works, it’s pretty simple. Each day in December you open up a little door or drawer and there is a surprise inside. Sometimes its little gifts or candy, little trinkets to hang on a tree. It is usually used to help children keep track of how many more days until Santa comes down the chimney. Jack Daniels decided to let the adults have a little fun and filled the days with some literal holiday spirit.

This calendar comes in the iconic black with white trim that every bottle of good Tennessee whisky should. It also has a festive tree on the front, so you can tell your significant other that it counts as holiday décor. The days include whiskeys like, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire, Jack Daniel’s Gentlemen Jack, and Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel. There is something for everyone and who knows maybe you will find something new to sip on.

Christmas is the season of giving so share with you friends, family, or yourself. We don’t really care as long as you drink responsibly.

The calendar can only be purchased at the Jack Daniel’s store and select ASDA. So, in the season of giving, give yourself something this year. This is a win win for everyone. It looks Christmas-y so you can leave it on the counter, it has 23 different sips of Jack Daniel’s in it, you get a mini hip flask, and it helps you keep track of what day it is. Which might be a good feature with all this whiskey you’ll be drinking. I, myself, can find no down side.

Then when the first hits you can make your new years’ resolutions. That might be to drink more Jack Daniels, or it might be to make a new tradition. Whatever floats your boat, tickles your peach or ices or whiskey (unless you’re too neat for that). Merry Christmas and happy drinking. Buy Here


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