Low Drag Jaguar E-Type: Automotive Styling Perfected

When the question ‘what’s the most beautiful car ever?’ comes up, there’s typically a handful of cars that enter the conversation every time. Cars like the Ferrari 250 GTO, Aston Martin DB4, or the Lamborghini Miura. However, the one car that most would set atop this impressive list is the Jaguar E-Type. In fact, Enzo Ferrari himself had once said that the E-Type (a competitor to his own company) was the most beautiful car ever made. Now, this piece of art on wheels has been redone into the ‘Low Drag E-Type’ by Marco Diez, and dare I say… it looks…even better?

How To Modify Automotive Perfection

Modifying cars always has and always will be a huge part of the automotive community. However, there are certain cars that most of us would agree are just best left alone. Typically classic cars with price tags past the six-figure mark get this nod of agreement to be left as they are. So when many people saw that somebody was going to take this car and do a little work of his own-especially bodywork, there were concerns. However, what Diez did was nothing short of amazing. The E-Types’ beauty comes from the smooth, long shape. It’s a timeless look that will never go out of style.

Its soft curves look like they were sculpted by the wind because they were. All Diez did was take these traits that make the car so amazing to look at and exaggerate them a bit. The cars rounded and smoothly curved edges look good? Let’s make them rounder, and smoother. I like it. They sculpted it using a wind tunnel? Well then let’s try it again and see if modern technology can make it any better. In Diez’s case, it did. He lowered and flattened the roofline just a hair, as well as widening up the rear end. Not only does this create much less drag, it also looks damn good.

I definitely wouldn’t recommend anyone else to take their classic Jaguars to the chop shop for some bodywork… But with that being said, I’m very glad that somebody had the guts to do it. I didn’t think this was possible, but the Low Drag Jaguar E-Type is even better than the factory car. And I’d like to think Enzo Ferrari would agree. Learn More

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