The James Brand Elko Knife Is Your New Do-Everything Keychain Knife

James Brand Elko knife

Let’s face it, most of us don’t need a pocket knife with 30 tools. We need the knife, the bottle opener and we occasionally need a screw driver. Enter the James Brand Elko knife, a pocket knife that has a tool for any pry, slice, cut or open challenge you might come across in the daily grind. And on top of that, this handy everyday carry keychain knife is by far the least expensive of all the James Brand knives.

That is right, at a price of only $60, the James Brand Elko knife give you all the stuff you need from a knife and nothing you don’t. Obviously some other knives and multi-tools on the market serve other needs. But most don’t offer much to average Joes. Sure, you might not have a tooth pick, a set of tweezers, a nail file or a number of other tools that you might use once in 12 years, but you do have a sleek little knife that is capable of big things. Things like opening that beer you just pulled out of the fridge after a hard day’s work. I’ll drink to that! Buy Here


  • Lightweight and durable aluminum handles with anodized finish
  • Drop point blade design for strength and versatility
  • Utilizes Carpenter CTS-BD1 steel with high hardness, good wear resistance, and excellent edge retention
  • Slim profile and lightweight design is perfect for a keychain, lanyard, pocket, purse or backpack
  • Ambidextrous carry orientation
  • 416 stainless steel, black oxidized hardware, phosphor bronze washers

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