Jaybird Run Are True Wireless Headphones For Runners

Nothing gets you through a long, hard run like your favorite tunes in your ears. The same way, nothing distracts you from your run like a headphone slipping out, getting tangled up in a wire, or having a spotty Bluetooth connection. If you want to run without distractions (and with your favorite music sounding great) then the Jaybird Run wireless earbuds are for you.

These earbuds offer no wires and no worries. They are true wireless earbuds, meaning that they are just two small pieces – one for each ear. They offer a four-hour play time, plenty for even the longest of runs. The included charging case offers 8+ more hours of play time. Oh, and you can get that play time quickly thanks to fast charging. Just five minutes in the charging case equals an entire hour of play time.

These buds are sweat-proof and water resistant. They are also designed with sweat and jolting in mind. Each bud offers a secure, comfortable fit with interchangeable tips and fins to hold them in place. You can enjoy your favorite music or talk to a loved one on a call while you’re out of breath trying to run up a hill. Maybe you won’t use the call feature during your run, but it would be nice for other times. After all, just because these earbuds are built for running, you are free to wear them any time you please. Just be sure to get that run in at some point. Buy Here

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