Dance On Liquid With The Jesus Board, A Crystal Clear Surfboard

jesus board clear surfboard

Does walking on water like Jesus Christ sound like something you’d be interested in? While I can’t offer you the chance to actually walk on water like the Lord and Savior, I can show you the Jesus Board, a crystal clear surfboard.

The Jesus Board features 90% transparency and is composed of polycarbonate and EPS foam. So with every single ride it appears as if you’re literally floating across the waves with nothing between you and the ocean. It’s a surfing experience unlike any other, and relatively speaking the Jesus Board isn’t actually much more expensive than a typical surfboard. It retails for $750, and the average price of surfboards sold these days is around $650. So for an additional $100 you’ll be paying for the privilege of walking on water like Jesus Christ himself.

jesus board clear surfboard

jesus board clear surfboard

If you’re a good samaritan you’ll also be stoked to hear that Sea Thru, Inc., the maker of the Jesus Board, will be donating a children’s sized surfboard to a local surf school for every one of the Jesus Boards sold.

Want to learn more or purchase a clear Jesus Board for yourself? You can follow this link for more details!

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