The Jim Beam Smart Decanter Pours Bourbon On Command

Jim Beam Smart Decanter

Just when we thought we saw all the cool whiskey decanters that the world had to offer, in comes the Jim Beam Smart Decanter.  Apply named “JIM” this smart decanter is the latest cutting edge innovation from Jim Beam. And you have to wonder if it is going to be a sign of things to come in beverage pouring innovation.

JIM is voiced by  7th Generation Master Distiller, Fred Noe, and it is capable of serving you a drink on command and without you lifting a finger. The decanter includes a compartment for bourbon storage and voice command capabilities. It may not tell you the weather or play your favorite song like an Alexa device, but it is going to pour you a stiff one and, by God, isn’t that all you really need?

According to Jim Beam, the first generation JIM smart decanters are available in very limited quantities. One of the other things that you should now is that the 3G capabilities of the Jim Beam Smart Decanter will expire after roughly six months. Once that happens, JIM will turn back into a regular decanter. We’re not sure why that is, and it bums us out, but for only $35 this is still a badass decanter even if the smart aspects of it become useless after six months. If you want one, you better hurry! Buy Here

See the Jim Bean Smart Decanter in action in the video below. 


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