JOEE Gives Your Cooler A Level Up

Are you fed up with using a cooler that’s just an empty box that keeps ice cold? What about smashed, soggy sandwiches that have gone 10 rounds and a TKO with the heavy beer cans? Who doesn’t love dunking their hands into ice-cold hot dog water to get a beer? Obviously, that isn’t a great way to spend your summer or weekend in the outdoors. That’s why the JOEE is here to save the day. It offers you a great and easy way to keep your cooler compartmentalized and clean.

JOEE is a BPA-free polyurethane insert that fits into most of today’s popular coolers like the YETI, Orca, and Coleman. It is split up into several different compartments that help keep your cooler organized. One section is large enough for holding dry foods, including up to nine sandwiches. Another is big enough to hold six 12oz. cans or three water bottles. Between the two is a compartment for storing about a pound and a half of ice, which stays clean, so you can use it in drinks later. Finally, a divider for the dry foods section converts into a cutting board / prep area for making food in the outdoors and a lid for insulating your cooler even more.

The JOEE truly does take your cooler to the next level. Instead of throwing everything into a pile of ice and having to dig around in the wetness, it keeps everything dry, organized, and easy-to-reach. It doesn’t get better than that for fun in the outdoors and enjoying good food while you do it. Buy Here

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