Jordan Is Back At It With The Golf Game – Jordan Concord Golf Shoe

What is it with pro athletes jumping around from one sport to another these days? First we had Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders. Now we have Steph Curry trying to be a part of the PGA and soon-to-be pro Kyler Murray unsure if he wants to make millions playing football or baseball. Hey, Kyler, if you’re reading this, we’ll take whatever job you don’t pick.

Now, the flip-flop routine is no longer limited to athletes. Even athletic shoes are getting in on the action. That’s right, the Jordan’s you know and love are stepping off the hardwood and onto the green.

Greatness Meets The Green

After a few months of rumors within the shoe community, Nike has confirmed that it will be releasing the Air Jordan 11 Concord as a golf shoe. Limited quantities of the shoe will be available starting February 15th. We for one, can’t wait to get our hands on some.

As you may have guessed, the inspiration for this golf shoe comes from the original (basketball) version of the Air Jordan 11 Concord. This design is one that we love because of the nostalgia that comes with seeing a pair of 11s.

Crisp Aesthetic

From the sole to the upper, this shoe is pleasing to the eye. Maybe your opponents will be so distracted trying to figure out why you aren’t wearing grandpa shoes that they’ll pull their shot off target. Even if they can’t help your game in that way, looking good = playing good. That’s a fact. Don’t ask us for proof though, it just is.

The golf shoes are similar in color and upper materials to their namesake but do feature a lower profile. After all, there aren’t many high ankle sprains going around in the golf world. Unless you’re Tony Finau. We’re still cringing about that one. Maybe Nike can whip up a high-top version just for him.

Inspired By The Court

If you look closely, you can see many basketball-inspired elements all throughout the shoe. For one, the use of Nike’s React foam. This material was first used in their basketball shoes and is also found in their line of running footwear. It is optimal for cushioning and remains responsive underfoot. The lightweight, stable material also exhibits high durability. That means these shoes will be good for a long, long time.

The sole feature a combination of spikes and traction elements to help you stay planted during your swing. You won’t find any herringbone on these shoes, but you will find that the traction patterns are perfectly laid out to fit how your feet move during a swing. The spikes add an extra layer of grip that anchors you to the ground.


If you’re looking to escape the stereotype of ugly golf shoes, then look no further. With Nike’s second venture of turning Jordan’s into golfing shoes, you can take the green in style. In fact, pro Harold Varner III is already wearing the shoes, debuting them at the Waste Management Phoenix Open. Hear that folks? Harold Varner is your new favorite athlete. Be like Harold. Sport the new Jordan 11 Concord golf shoes. Learn More


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