Joyoldelf Cool Black Foil Poker Playing Cards, Bringing Sexy Back

As if playing cards was not already classic enough, get a load of this. Joyoldelf’s Black Foil Poker Playing Cards are bringing a sleek new sexiness to the game.

How can you even think to describe playing cards as sexy? Well, these bad boys are in every way. A black foil finish gives you that shiny sleekness while deep black accents give dimension to our kings, queens, and jacks. They have a smooth finish that would give anyone chills to hold in their hand. 

You might not usually think of cards as sexy, but play one hand with this deck and you’ll be in love. That one you stole from the casino in Vegas is looking awfully cheap right about now.

More To Love

As a bonus, these cards are made from eco-friendly material. If saving Mother Earth doesn’t turn you on, you must be a monster. The material is both flexible and corrosion-resistant, allowing the cards to live a long happy life.

Joyoldelf Black Foil Poker Playing Cards are also waterproof. Spill a drink, no problem? Someone sneezed on them? Wash them up like a dish. I bet you never thought you would start cleaning your playing cards after using them. Now, you won’t want to stop. 

Not So Standard

Joyoldelf’s Black Foil Poker Playing Cards are a little bit of a weird dimension compared to the average Joe poker cards or bridge cards. They are 2.2 by 3.4 inches. That makes shuffling them easier than ever.

The deck has your standard 52 cards with 2 Jokers so no need to worry about not being able to play your favorite game. Grab your friends and show them who is boss with this boss pack of cards. Take your play to the next level and become the next go-to card night house. Buy here

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