The Jül Heated Smart Mug Is The Most Funded Mug On Kickstarter For A Reason

Jul Smart Mug

The Jül Heated Smart Mug hasn’t already raised over three times its goal on Kickstarter for no reason. It has done that because it is a mug without rivals. While other travel mugs or regular coffee (or tea) mugs have a limited amount of heat time, the Jül Smart Mug keeps your beverages at the ideal temperature for consumption all day long. Sure, when the liquid hits the Jül Smart Mug it is piping hot for a while — just like a normal mug — but after that initial “too hot” phase, its design and heated coasters will keep your beverages consumable for an entire day (or longer).  Buy: $45

See exactly how the Jül Heated Smart Mug works.

Jul Smart Mug

Jul Smart Mug

Check out Jül’s entire Kickstarter here.

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