Jurassic Park Adventure Strategy Board Game Puts You In A Dinosaur’s Shoes

Wait, dinosaurs don’t wear shoes right? Not usually, but you are in control of your very own dino in this action board game. Just in time for the release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, you can immerse yourself in the franchise’s iconic roots and explore the park like never before.

Take control of either a T. Rex, Dilophosarus (we have no idea how to pronounce that), or a Velociraptor. Remaining, unlucky players, team up and fill the role of human characters from the series. They will struggle to get the park back online while you and your fellow dinosaurs try to make them your dinner. You’re welcome for assuming you’d be a dinosaur. The dinosaurs win by eating all the humans and the human team wins by escaping the island via helicopter. Sacrifices will be made, friendships will be destroyed, and your nerves will be tingling the whole time.

Unlike many strategy games that you can only play once, this one is great for playing over and over. The board and characters can change in the game or between plays. That means you’ll be able to play many times with a new experience each time.

So, gather up a few friends, preferably the slow ones you can use as dinosaur bait. You’ll love playing this game and getting a new view of the iconic dinosaur park that you’ve loved for years. We highly recommend this game for your next game night, just please no one dress up for it. Buy Here


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