Kammock Sunda 2.0 Allows You To Master Both Earth and Air

The Sunda 2.0 is the reimagined version of the original ground to air tent. For those who are not familiar with the concept, this two-person tent can go from a regular tent that sits on the ground to a hanging, almost hammock-like tent in 60 seconds. The 2.0 means it is stronger and more durable.

A new tent fly has also been integrated into the Kammock Sunda 2.0’s design. For avid and new campers alike, this elicits a sigh of relief because it eliminates that final step of setting up a tent.

The structure of the tent has also been improved upon. A support bar has been added across the top, allowing for an easier transition from ground to air. The bathtub bottom, as they call it, of the hammock is not water-resistant but waterproof. Tent campers out there have surely experienced the difference.

Find It In The Details

While you are out exploring and trying to find yourself, Kammock Sunda 2.0 has you covered by not overlooking any detail. Its makers have strategically placed pockets in the tent. You’ll also find plenty of hanging storage.

The vestibules have enough space between them and the tent tp allow for additional storage when it is in ground mode. There are two zippered doors on opposite ends of the tent to allow for airflow. In addition, the makers have added more roll up flys to help increase airflow even further.

Happy Campers

The Kammock Sunda 2.0 gets glowing reviews from everyone who tries it. Most users talk about how truly easy the tent is to set up and transform to air or ground mode. With this tent, you have a literal transformer in your stash of gear. There is no need to choose between a tent or a hammock for your next backcountry trip because you can have both. Buy Here