Beauty Meets Beast in the Karlmann King

The Karlmann King is a car Batman would love: a behemoth of a vehicle, but stunning and easy on the eyes. Also important to the Dark Knight: it’s bulletproof. With optional configurations available, the SUV can seat five to seven passengers, so Alfred, Robin, Gordon, and the whole gang can comfortably plot in luxury. Earning the title “the most expensive SUV in the world,” the Karlmann King will set you back about $2.2 million. The high-end custom SUV is a ground “stealth” fighter on a Ford F-550 four-wheel drive chassis. Sitting just short of five tons, at 9,900 lbs, this mammoth has a top speed rated at 87 miles per hour. The bulletproof addition adds another 4,300 lbs. So you’re pretty limited from traveling on some country bridges.

Once you’re finished marvelling at the beauty of the Karlmann King’s exterior, check out what’s inside—that’s what really counts, right? Standard mechanicals include a 6-speed automatic transmission, electronic throttle, hydraulic power steering, and ventilated disc brakes. The fuel tank holds 40 gallons of premium-grade gas. Standard equipment includes a 40-inch 4K Ultra HD Intelligent Network LCTV with a PlayStation 4, satellite navigation system, mood lighting, refrigerator, a coffee machine, private safes, and more. There’s a wide range of color schemes and styles to suit your fancy and each one is absolutely stunning.

More than 1,800 skill workers were involved at various stages of building this baby. The Karlmann King is said to be limited to 12 units, which is fine because only a handful can afford it. Are you one of them? Learn More

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