Katadyn Vario Microfilter System Makes Drinking Water Safe In Any Outdoor Situation

You wouldn’t drink water from that murky pond, right? Of course not. You’d take a sip from your water bottle with fresh, purified water from home. But then suddenly you’re lost in the wilderness and that bottle is empty. What do you do now? If you were smart and packed a Katadyn Vario water filter, you’d have 500 gallons of clean drinking water. If not, you’ll probably die in a few days or get some nasty swamp disease.

There are a lot of water filters on the market. One of the most popular is the LifeStraw. While that device is great for one person on occasion, it is inconvenient because you can’t use it to fill any other vessel with water. The Vario can pump out 2 liters of water per minute and you can easily pour it into any bottle, bag, or directly into your mouth.

Dip the pre-filter hose into the water source to start. Then, choose your flow mode from the revolutionary design of this filter. Faster flow mode lets you purify even the dirtiest water using a ceramic pre-filter disc. Longer life mode preserves the ceramic filter and uses just one when the water isn’t dirty and you need more output.

Regardless of which mode you use, the Vario’s filtration system is effective at removing bacteria, protozoa and dirt, and also has a refillable carbon chamber to reduce chemicals and help make the water taste better. Its small size and big filtration power make the Vario a necessity in your survival kit. You’ll be glad you have it. Buy Here


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