Keep Your Feet Warm With These Indoor-Outdoor Heated Slippers


We are still well within the grips of Winter, with no end in sight. There are snow storms all across the country with more on the way. These indoor-outdoor heated slippers from Volt are exactly what you need to stay warm. They offer up to 10 hours of heated wear with each charge. BUY IT NOW

If you’ve never owned a pair of indoor-outdoor heated slippers then this might sound like a foreign concept to you. I’m here to tell you that heated slippers are exactly what have been missing from your life for all these years. Going to check the mail and have to trudge through the snow? Put on your heated slippers. Need to take the dog out for a quick romp in the backyard but don’t want to get fully bundled up? Strap on these slippers and stay warm.

heated slippers

heated slippers

Volt’s heated indoor-outdoor slippers run on two rechargeable lithium batteries and feature 4 distinct heating settings. And they are made of long-lasting nylon built with a wet-weather construction.

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