Kershaw Brawler Is A Tough Knife For Tough Jobs

The word brawler in the name suggests that this knife is tough. Its design backs up that suggestion. Kershaw has been making knives since 1974, so they know their stuff. That includes the exception craftsmanship and forward-thinking thought all wrapped-up in this blade. For a reliable everyday carry knife, this one fits the bill. Even if you aren’t a brawler, you can still carry it. Don’t let the name fool you.

On appearance alone, this knife looks strong. Its tanto-style blade gives it strength and stability for jabbing and piercing tasks. The swedge grind on the top of the blade helps narrow it for even better piercing power. Its straight belly makes it easy to bear down on a task and cut easily while also allowing you to re-sharpen the knife easily.

The knife’s angled handle perfectly fits into the palm of your hand and jimping on the back of the blade (the notches) make it more stable. To quickly open the knife, take advantage of the SpeedSafe assisted opening by putting pressure on one of the thumb screws. Or, you can use the flipper on the back of the knife to quickly open the blade as well. Once open, the blade locks into place for safe handling and the flipper acts as a finger guard.

A glass-filled nylon handle helps you keep an unmoving grip on the handle while you brawl. Or while you cut, or open boxes. Like we said, you don’t have to be a brawler to use this knife. Unless you’re brawling with that package and the million zip ties that have it shut. Regardless, this knife will make quick work of any task you have for it. Buy Here

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