Kettlebell Connect Makes Your Workout Smart

Ever heard of CES? That’s right, the annual tech convention that features some of the most groundbreaking technology around. Not the first place you’d think of when picturing workout gear. This year, several tech-enhanced pieces of equipment were featured. However, the Kettlebell Connect stands high above the others. This smart weight has more than enough tech built-in for even the most particular gym-enthusiast.

What Is This Sorcery?

If you have a 12-pound weight in your hand one minute and a 42-pound weight in the same hand an instant later, what would you guess happened? Maybe you put the weight down and picked up another one? Maybe a wizard came in and magically added weight to the first one? Or, you might be holding the all-new Kettlebell Connect.

That’s right, this awesome weight can increase and decrease its weight on command. There are no plates to change and no parts to lose. Everything is contained within a case. The device uses rotation of its inner cores to alter its weight and resistance from 12lbs to 42lbs.

Aside from this sorcery, the device lasts a whopping 14 hours on a single charge. No worries about forgetting to charge your kettlebell. Wow, we never thought we’d be saying that. Welcome to the 21st century everyone.

While you’re in the habit of not worrying about things, you can forget about guessing weights. Sure, it might have been fun to guess the weight of your mom’s grocery bags back in the day, but now you’re much more sophisticated. A display on the base shows you the current weight of the kettlebell while a non-slip base means it won’t get away from you. A wide grip handle ensures you maintain excellent form while doing your workout to get better results and avoid injury.

Data Tracking Power

In today’s world, data isn’t valuable to just the big-name companies. Instead, everyday home-gym goers can increase the benefits of their workout using data collected over previous sessions. That’s where Kettlebell Connect comes in. By tracking workout data throughout your sessions, this nifty weight gives you insight on how to get better gains.

Motion sensors detect certain movements, allowing users to track their exercises and the number of reps within the connected mobile app. You can create profiles for up to nine users with the device, meaning the whole family can get in on the kettlebell action. For an extra $30 per month, maker JaxJox features a premium service. Their Peloton-like model boasts live fitness classes that help users get the most out of their new device.

But that’s not all. And no this isn’t an infomercial. JaxJox has more equipment in the works that will be here soon. Their future smart workout equipment will also be compatible with the premium service to elevate your workouts to the next level.


Everything else in your home is smart. Your workout equipment should be no exception. If you’re ready to harness the power of magic (probably) and data to bring your workouts to the next level, then the Kettlebell Connect is your new best friend. Buy Here

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