Keyanchor Is The World’s Smallest EDC Multi-Tool And Key Organizer


Everyone wants to hold the title of world’s best, world’s biggest, world’s sexiest (I own that one), or whatever. In the case of Keyanchor, it really is the world’s smallest EDC multi-tool and key organizer. That is a fact. Just like me being the world’s sexiest man is a fact.

Not only is the Keyanchor a keychain that makes your keys virtually silent, but it packs 6 other useful tools in its strong but very minuscule frame. You need to see this thing in action to believe it. Buy it on Kickstarter.




Here are all the things this tiny (but MIGHTY) multi-tool can do.


I need this in my life and I think you do to. If that is the truth, head over to Kickstarter to reserve your Keyanchor today.

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