Here’s Everything We Know About KFC’s Chizza (Fried Chicken-Pizza Hybrid)

kfc chizza

We don’t blog about food every day, but that’s probably because companies don’t unveil items as wild as the KFC Chizza every day.

We all knew KFC was capable of insane fried chicken foods when they came out with the KFC Double Down, but we never thought a pizza made with only fried chicken as the dough would be something we’d see in our lifetime. That said, the Chizza has apparently been in Asian fast food markets for a few years now. It debuted in the Philippines and it’s been on a tear ever since.

KFC just released this video of the Chizza and all we can say is just look at this thing!

The Chizza is currently available in Singapore, but KFC has declined to comment about when the Chizza might hit American soil. We can only hope and pray that it’s someday soon.

I want it SOOOOO bad. Do the right thing, KFC. Do. The. Right. Thing.

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