KICKR Headwind Gives You A Rush Of Air No Matter Where You Ride

There are few things more exhilarating than riding your bike on the open road. Whether you prefer dirt trails through the woods or paved routes in your favorite city, outdoor bike riding has one thing in common—the rush of air in your face. Not only does it keep you cool, it also makes the ride much more enjoyable.

Riding a stationary bike is great exercise but you miss out on feeling the breeze rushing through your hair. The Kickr Headwind hopes to remedy that problem. It replicates the airflow of an outdoor ride for your stationary bike.

Bringing The Outside In

Kickr Headwind isn’t like the cheap fan built-in to your exercise bike. It doesn’t just blow a faint stream of plastic-smelling air in your face. Instead, it is engineered to provide gusts of up to 30mph that respond to the way you’re riding.

The device constantly monitors your workout and adjusts the wind speed accordingly. You can connect your speed sensor, heart rate monitor, or smart trainer directly to the fan for real-time adjustments. Or, you can pair it to your smartphone and the Wahoo app for manual fan speed control. Kickr Headwind offers four preprogrammed speeds that let you choose your ideal airflow.

Targeted Performance

This isn’t just another fan. Kickr Headwind uses a targeted airflow pattern that is designed to replicate the shape and position of a cyclist’s body. This means that the breeze you feel while riding indoors is almost identical to what you’d feel outside.

When you’re putting in work during your next exercise bike session, don’t do it without the Kickr Headwind. This fan will keep you cool and keep you motivated as you tackle whatever challenge lies ahead. Buy here

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