The King Tide Watch Never Loses Time or Style

A watch has a very simple job: tell the time. With that being said, it can be hard to always have an accurate time, especially when the user of the watch is constantly on the move. With the King Tide watch, you’ll never have to fiddle with time zones, illumination, or anything else again. It simply works, and it works well.

Watch How It’s Done…

This is everything a watch is meant to be done as well as it can possibly be done. With this watch, you set the indicator to the tide cycle in your area and the watch takes care of the rest. You don’t need to adjust it or check the time to make sure it isn’t behind or ahead. The King Tide will always stay true. Another feature that proves this is the ultimate timepiece is the glass cover. And by glass cover, I actually mean sapphire cover. Using sapphire instead of glass means the display is completely antireflective, so using this in any lighting will be a breeze.

The sapphire cover is also scratch resistant, so it’s more than capable of taking a beating. With a fancy and elegant sapphire cover that makes reading time in any lighting easy, you’d expect the watch to have a light-up feature that makes time keeping in dim lighting easy as well, right? Right. This is possible thanks to tritium tubes in the hour markers and hands of the clock. Need I say more? (I’m assuming most of you are nodding yes) Well then, I should explain to you why tritium tubes are such a special feature. With mb-microtec technology these tubes keep a steady glow running constant 24 hours a day. This means in any lighting, in any conditions you will have an easy time checking your watch.

This watch is everything a watch should be done perfectly. Keeping time is not something you want to have to worry about, so the King Tide Watch is designed to make it perfectly accurate and trustworthy in any conditions. Truly the ultimate timepiece. Buy Here


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