Klecker Cordovan Lite Knife: Small and Functional

What’s in your EDC or camping essentials? In your top ten is most likely a knife, useful for multiple reasons in addition to self defense. On your outdoor adventures, a knife can also cut wood into kindling, help in food preparation, be a useful tool in building a shelter, and help clear your campsite. In your everyday adventures, how cool would you look flicking open this stylish knife and slicing an apple or when someone has a loose thread on their sweater and only you can get rid of the nusance?

The Cordovan Lite by Klecker Knives is compact, light, and dependable. The knife holds a 2.88” plain edge drop point blade and is equipped with the patented Klecker Lock Mechanism, a lock-back where the spring, lock-bar, and detent are integral to the frame. The handle features a combination of matte finished stainless steel and layered brown and black G-10 insets. It’s slim, beautiful, and comfortable to handle. Eye-catching polished brass accents also give the Cordovan Lite some extra flair. A reversible pocket clip allows you to carry the knife tip up or tip down. If you’re looking for something bigger, the full-sized Cordovan offers a 3.6” drop blade, but for your everyday needs, you can count on this little gem whenever you need a quality knife. Buy Here

Klecker Cordovan Lite Knife

Klecker Cordovan Lite Knife

Klecker Cordovan Lite Knife

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