Klein Tools Work Light Keeps Your Workspace Well-Lit

Trying to keep your workspace lit nicely with normal lights is almost impossible. Maybe you have large equipment that casts shadows or maybe you have lights that just aren’t bright enough. Maybe you’re just standing in the way. If that’s the case, you can probably just move over and not buy this cool light. Although, you may still want to buy it anyway.

The Klein Tools Work Light is the perfect solution for casting a light on your projects. The head of the light is rotatable 360 degrees, and pivots up to 90 degrees so you can angle the light exactly where you need it. On high, it provides light for 8 hours and 10 hours on low, so it will last all day. The unit is able to stand on its own or can be clamped onto a variety of surfaces for hands-free lighting.

See, it has a lot going for it. And that’s not all. The light is also drop tested to survive falls up to 10 feet. It is water and dirt resistant, so you can take it with you into any work environment. It runs on AA batteries, meaning you don’t need to mess with a cord. As a bonus, the rubber rim of the flashlight is glow in the dark, so you can find it in the dark. When it’s not on of course. The bright LED lights let you find it when it’s on. Duh. For lighting up your workspace, there’s no better option. Oh, and it kinda looks like a dinosaur if you glance at it. Buy Here




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