These Knockaround Aviators Were Built For The Weekend And Your Budget

knockaround aviators

The thing we love about Knockaround’s sunglasses is that they are the perfect shades for so-called “ballers on a budget.” They look like high quality sunglasses but they are extremely affordable. These Knockaround aviators, called the Mile Highs, are no different from the company’s other shades. They capture the classic, Tom Cruise in Top Gun aviator style but they are so affordable that you won’t mind if you lose them in the ocean or while you’re stumbling around drunk from day drinking. Hey, no judgement here. This is a judgment free zone.

The sunglasses come in black/smoke and gold/aviator green. Both colorways have polarized lenses so not only will your wallet be happy, but so will your optometrist. Buy: $24

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