Tackle Muscle Recovery Quietly With the Kraft Gun

There’s nothing worse than crushing it at the gym only to suffer from debilitating soreness and fatigue a day or two later. Yes, you can stretch, hydrate, jump in an ice bath, foam roll all you want, and rub CBD oil, but when you need something to really really get deep in your muscles, a massage is where it’s at. If you’re not into paying for a masseuse every other day, always on the road, or want that instant gratification, your trusty sidekick is a massage gun. 

They aren’t new in the fitness industry. You have the Instagram fave Theragun that’s been popular for years and throughout iterations as well as competitors like TimTam and Hyperice. Massage guns vary in speed and power settings, head attachment options, and something that’s been important to consumers lately: the noise factor. The Hypervolt Plus from Hyperice is mighty and forceful, but still surprisingly quiet. The demand for noise-free massage guns brings Kraft Gun into the game.

Quiet, but powerful

The Kraft Gun will make you feel like you’re having a deep tissue massage. Only you have this at your disposal 24/7. This massage gun will reach the deepest layers of your muscles and help speed up your growth and recovery. It gets rid of those pesky knots when your muscles really take a beating. The Kraft Gun’s max output is 65 DB, so it’s virtually noise-free, one of its selling factors.

It also has a whopping 1,800-2,400 rotations per minute, 16 mm stroke length, and three speeds at 30, 35, and 40 Hz. The massage gun is powered by a Brushless 24V motor and lasts 3.5 hours on a single charge. You would only need one full charge a month! It’s recommended to use the device before and after your workouts for 5-12 minutes. At its lightweight of just 2.2 lbs and with an easy-to-carry travel bag, the Kraft Gun is perfect for any gym kit. Buy Here

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