Krisp Helps You Mute Background Noise During Your Zoom Meetings

The coronavirus pandemic has forced more people to work from home than ever. Along with that comes the dreaded Zoom meeting. Although videoconferencing gives us a way to be connected, it isn’t without its flaws.

Perhaps one of the biggest ones is background noise. We all have a coworker who refuses to get a pair of headphones. As a result, everyone in the meeting suffers from background noise and echoing. For those who struggle to deal with those distractions, Krisp is a lifesaver.

This nifty app both mutes your own background noise and that of other meeting participants.

Hitting The Mute Button

Krisp enables background noise reduction thanks to its clever use of artificial intelligence (AI). The app’s noise cancellation technology learns to adapt to your voice. This means that it can get better at muting background noise over time.

However, it’s also very effective from the first use. Whether you have a screaming kid, a barking dog, or a loud air conditioner, Krisp will hit the mute button on all of it.

Trust us, your coworkers will thank you. Plus, having better sound quality will help make you sound more professional and help you get more done.

Krisp doesn’t just stop with your audio though. It also mutes background noise from everyone else in the videoconference. No more listening to someone else’s annoying sounds for hours during a virtual meeting.

Krisp For Everyone

With everyone working on different platforms, it can be difficult to adjust. Fortunately, Krisp works universally. The app can be downloaded for Mac, Windows, Chrome, and iOS. It’s also free for casual users.

Krisp is an ideal solution for those working from home. However, it’s also a lifesaver for podcasters, gamers, call center reps, and more. If you communicate digitally, Krisp makes your audio sound better and more professional. Download Here

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