The KUDU Grill Gives You a Cookout Like No Other

As BBQ season approaches, there’s the age-old argument of charcoal vs gas. While those are the more modern ways of outdoor cooking today, there’s still a tradition of woodfire grilling in many parts of the world. Braai is the South African method of grilling. In fact, it translates in Afrikaans to barbecue or grill. The main difference between a braai and the BBQ we’re used to is that they cook over wood. Although today, the use of charcoal and gas has increased for braai due to convenience, wood grilling still remains popular. KUDU Grills is bringing back the tradition of braai with the KUDU Grill.

The founder of KUDU Grills Stebin Horne was first introduced to braai while visiting his wife’s family in South Africa. The grills were the centerpiece for gathering at the home for everyone to enjoy the cooking process together. He also noted the quality and flavors of the food cooked on the grills were astounding. Horne then redesigned and perfected what became the KUDU Grill, the communal outdoor grill named after the kudu of the African plains. It’s quick to assemble, easy to operate, and tough for all your cookout needs.

Not your average grill

The KUDU is made with the finest materials. The two elevation bars are nickel-plated steel and the grill base is gauge steel. The grill grate is made of stainless steel and the skillet is cast iron. The welded core construction gives the grill incredible durability. It’s not just your average grill either. Its intricate design allows it to saute, sear, fry, boil, smoke, and steam all at the same time with adjustable temperatures. It’s simplistic in form and not like the bulky, robust grills we’re familiar with. The base holds the burning wood and the elevation bars let you adjust the food over the fire. It has laser-cut KUDU logos on two sides for increased airflow. The KUDU’s ceramic coating provides protection from high temperatures and makes cleanup easy. Best of all, assembly only takes about three minutes with the stacking style setup. Buy Here