L100 Classic Is A Time Machine Disguised As A Speaker

Break out your tie-dye, fringe and bell bottom pants because JBL takes us back to the 70’s with their newly released L100 classic speaker. Although Bluetooth portability is all the rage right now, nothing can compete with the rich sound that the good old days provide. Hold on to your pet rock and turn on your disco ball because we are about to go back in time.

JBL found the perfect blend of new and old when creating the L100 Classic. This vintage-inspired speaker comes in at 25.06 in. by 15.34 in. by 14.625 in. It is available three colors, including JBL’s iconic burnt orange. Going back to their roots, JBL revamps their original L100 with modern technology to increase sound quality and longevity. It still keeps the ‘70’s feel when it comes to the look of the frame and gridded foam grill.

When this speaker was released in the 1970’s it was JBL’s highest selling speaker, but it came at a cost. With the newer model they want it to be more affordable so all of those who could not afford it then can relive their childhood now. Global Product Manager, Jess Mcintyre, speaks about how excited he is to see the L100 in stores, and more importantly in homes again. Its not so much about the speaker itself but the feeling you get when you see it. The team behind this resurrection said, “It’s not a retro speaker brought back to sell a retro speaker it’s a modern speaker built to rock the world”. Buy Here

Thanks to guest author Caitlynn George for this article!

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