La Sardina 8Ball Camera From Lomography Is Making Cameras Cool Again

La Sardina 8Ball Camera From Lomography

Smartphone cameras have begun to make traditional cameras obsolete over time. But the Lomography La Sardina 8Ball Camera is making carrying a camera cool again. This is a classically stylish throwback to the cameras of yesterday. Shooting with 35mm film is something that we’ve shifted away from as a culture. With the La Sardina, you can revisit the majesty of shooting photographs with film.

Built with a 22mm wide-angle lens, the La Sardina 8Ball Camera takes some truly stunning photographs. This is an affordable gift at just $69 whereas most advanced cameras will set you back hundreds (thousands?) of dollars. The 8Ball from Lomography features an 89-degree field of view. This will enable you to take some truly stunning wide-angle photographs. The black coating on the La Sardina 8Ball Camera is both eye-catching and discrete.

The built-in aperture is a fixed f8. No batteries needed. Shutter speeds are 1/100 (N) and Bulb (B). To advance the film you’ll use a traditional knob just like the cameras of yesteryear. There is also an auto frame counter built into the camera to help you keep track. The viewfinder is a direct optical viewfinder so that’s pretty straightforward.

What make this camera so special is how approachable it is. There are no trick buttons or latches. You can add the film and start shooting 35mm in wide-angle. This will bring you back to the golden age of photography. It’s an ideal gift for anyone thinking about diving head first in the the field of photography. Why? Because at $69 it’s an affordable way to test the waters. In short, if you are a fan of traditional photograph then you are going to absolutely love this camera. Buy Now

La Sardina 8Ball Camera From Lomography

La Sardina 8Ball Camera From Lomography

La Sardina 8Ball Camera From Lomography

The Details:

  • Classic 35mm camera is a throwback to the golden age of photography
  • Shoot wide-angle photographs with 89-degree field of view
  • Two focus settings are extremely simple to use

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