The Safest Name in Digital Storage: LaCie Rugged Hard Drive

Keeping things digitally isn’t always the safest. Viruses, broken hardware, outdated software, and other issues can lead to losing countless gigabytes of music, pictures, and personal information. With LaCie storage devices there is no longer a need to fear. Since 2005 their Rugged portable hard drives have been some of the most trusted and safest products in storage.

Rugged Hard Drives: Life Proof

Life can get a bit hectic, and LaCie knows this. Finding waterproof tech items isn’t too hard anymore, but how much does waterproof really help? Many more devices have been lost from getting dropped, filled with sand, dust, or crushed. Luckily these have all been taken into consideration. The Rugged hard drives really are just that: rugged. There is nothing out there these products can’t take. Whatever you have to store, unless you are fine with losing it all there is no reason to not store it with LaCie. These compact and sturdy drives have been tried and tested thousands of times. Since 2005 there have been over 6,000,000 units put into action. Numbers like that show that creators all over have been trusting these to carry all their important work and data, and you should too.

Rugged Brings Brains and Brawn

While it is certainly impressive how strong these drives are, that’s not where it starts. I mean, rocks are waterproof, crushproof, and resistant to some sand, but I wouldn’t say that justifies carrying around rocks to carry data. The Rugged drives are don’t just have brawn, but brains too. For starters, they have very diverse compatibility. These hard drives are Thunderbolt, USB-C, and USB 3.0 compatible. Wherever you have to access data, the Rugged drive will be a fit. One of the other special feats is the size and speed. Rugged drives come in 1 TB, 2 TB, 4 TB, 5 TB, and 500 GB. All this information is quick access as well. Thanks to RAID Solutions and SSDs accessing data from these drives is not a drawn out, slow process like with other drives.

LaCie Rugged Drives are not only physically safe, but digitally safe. They offer Seagate Secure self-encrypting technology on select devices. This keeps your work and data safe from unauthorized eyes. Plagiarism and thievery are impossible through the security offered with LaCie. All aspects of safety have been accounted for. Losing your data is virtually impossible on a Rugged hard drive. With multiple size options and features, there is a device that is perfect for you. Whether your a content creator with loads of data to move or just a person looking to keep their family pictures and home videos safe, there is a drive perfect for you.

The LaCie Rugged Drives have been tried and proven millions of times since 2005. With safety features to protect every possible aspect of life, both physically and digitally, there isn’t a safer device. Let losing digital items be a thing of the past, and go Rugged with LaCie. Buy Here

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