Lamborghini’s ‘92 LM002 Combines A Truck and Luxury

Several car manufacturers have been trying to blend pickup trucks and luxury. Yes, Lincoln, we’re looking at you. Sadly, the two just don’t seem to get along.

That is, except for Lamborghini’s LM002. This outlandish vehicle has everything that Lamborghini customers would expect but also packs plenty of off-road performance. Although it’s unconventional, we kind of like it and have a feeling you will too.

Hop Into The Lambo

There are plenty of pop culture references to Lamborghinis. Not many (if any) are dedicated to this model. In fact, most people have probably forgotten that it existed. That’s likely because just 328 examples of this car were ever built.

Nonetheless, this unique set of wheels isn’t one that should be ignored. The LM002 boasts a 5.7-liter V-12 (yes, really) engine. That’s connected to a five-speed manual gearbox.

Sure, the LM002 isn’t your typical Lambo. However, it still drew a popular following when it was released in the early ‘90s.

Every surface on the interior of the car is covered in either leather or wood. That sort of luxury isn’t unexpected. Meanwhile, the LM002’s exhaust note is unmistakably that of a Lamborghini.

Performance Over Looks

Despite the fact that the LM002 looks slightly ridiculous, it didn’t hold back in the performance department. This car is rumored to complete a 0-60 mph run in 7.7 seconds. While that’s no supercar, it’s impressive considering when it was built and its non-traditional form factor.

What is perhaps most striking about this car is its humongous 77-gallon fuel tank. Imagine filling that up with today’s gas prices. Thanks to that powerhouse V-12 engine, the LM002 got a laughable 8 miles per gallon. Not that anyone was driving this for fuel-efficiency. Still, there’s a reason that Lambo left this car in the ‘90s. Learn More

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