Lamborghini’s Tecnomar Yacht Lets You Ride The Waves In Style

The very idea of a yacht screams luxury. So does the idea of a Lamborghini. Combining the two doesn’t seem like something you should be able to do in real life. However, that’s exactly what Lamborghini did with its Tecnomar 63 yacht.

This boat screams speed and style across every inch of its 63-foot carbon-fiber body. Thanks to two MAN V12 2000HP engines, you’ll be skipping the waves in unrivaled style.

Uncompromising Performance

One glance at the Tecnomar Lamborghini yacht is enough to tell you that this isn’t your typical luxury boat. Its cutting-edge silhouette defies all the norms of nautical design to create something that looks more like a sports car than some actual sports cars. The interior even features a Lamborghini steering wheel.

This boat’s super-performing hull was designed by a team of naval engineers with an extensive background in fluid dynamics. Meanwhile, its hardtop is inspired by Lambo’s roadster models. It provides protection from the sun and surf while also amplifying the boat’s aerodynamic performance.

It fits perfectly in the ultralight boat class with a maximum weight of 24 tons. That’s incredibly light for a 63-foot luxury boat.

Thanks to the previously mentioned 2000HP engines, the Tecnomar yacht reaches a top speed of 60 knots. At that speed, it will feel like you’re flying.

The boat doesn’t let up on the inside. It is unmistakably inspired by Lamborghini’s automotive design process. It features many of the carmaker’s signature elements, including hexagons, clean lines, and bright yellow colors.

The Pilot Cabin features supersport seats that let you and a passenger ride in style. Meanwhile, getting behind the wheel of this boat feels just like getting behind the wheel of your Lamborghini thanks to the same “start&stop” button. The only difference is that this boat has two of them—one for each engine. Learn More