Lanmodo Car Tent Is A Portable Garage

You know the feeling of safety and security that goes along with being able to put your car away in the garage at night? Knowing your car is safe from the elements, heat, and falling objects is great. If only you could feel like that when you leave it in the store parking lot. Now you can. This “car tent” from Lanmodo is like a portable garage you can take anywhere. No, this is not a joke.

The Car Tent gets placed on top of your car when you park, and takes just 20 seconds to install. Pull the suction cup lever, attach four anti-theft straps to your car, and hit the button to open it on your wireless remote. The device will automatically unfold like an umbrella to cover the top of your car in its entirety.

This slick device is made of stainless steel with anti-rust coatings heavy duty canvas that will stand up to the elements. It keeps the snow, rain, and heat away from your car. On a hot day, your car will be up to 36 degrees cooler. During a snowy day, you won’t have to worry about brushing away snow from the windows. On a rainy day, your car is dry and ready for you to get in. The Car Tent fits all types of cars, including sedans, hatchbacks, pickups, minivans, luxury cars, smart cars and more. So, get that peace of mind that comes with parking in the garage no matter where you park. Buy Here


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