Larq Water Bottles Are A Killer Find

Larq water bottle is the next big thing in water purification. It is the cyborg of water bottles. Science has done it again by taking an everyday item and improving it more than we could have imagined. This revolutionary gadget / drinking vessel helps you know that each sip of water is safe and tastes great.

Killing Power In A Cap

This water bottle is able to eradicate water of 99.99% of bacteria with the simple power of light. For years we have marveled over the sun. The Egyptians based a calendar off of it. The Earth revolves around it. People go into seasonal depression without it. And now Larq is using the power of UV light to purify water in a portable device.

The bottle comes with a rechargeable lithium battery that can charge separately, because it would be super weird to have to charge your water bottle alongside your phone and Fitbit at night. The UV-C LED light keeps on lighting up 40 times longer than your average bacteria killing UV light. Having a battery powering a UV light may not sound too appetizing so close to your cool refreshing water, but no worries! This water bottle is chemical free, mercury free, and ozone free. It is the first of its kind to be a mercury free portable sanitation water bottle. One other useful quality of this water bottle is that there is no filter necessary. That means you don’t have to worry about having spares available or whether the filter has gone bad or not.

How does UV light kill bacteria and viruses though? That is a great question. The UV light is 280 nanometers in wavelength. These little waves get absorbed by the DNA of the bacteria. After this happens the UV light waves break the bonds and kill the bacteria. Yeah, it’s as simple as that!

Shady Microbes Hiding In The Dark

You may be asking yourself what the big deal is? You already use a reusable water bottle what could be so great about this one? You already put filtered water in the water bottle why do you need to kill even more bacteria. Isn’t it clean? Well, maybe not as clean as you think. Have you ever given your water bottles a sniff? If not, we suggest doing so.

You may smell something even after you clean it. A scent that just doesn’t quite go away. Speaking of cleaning it, that’s hard enough to do. You basically have to have a child’s hand to fit down in there. And how clean is that sponge or rag anyway? Fortunately, Larq will kill any bacteria that cause odors and can make you sick. You don’t even have to shove your hand inside to do it.

If you aren’t using a reusable bottle, just know that more than 1 million plastic bottles are thrown into a landfill every day. After purchasing this bottle, you can have clean water in just 60 seconds. Oh, and you can also do your part at helping save the Earth. Just saying.


There are so many benefits to this water bottle we could write a whole book, but we will let you hop on over to the website and read it yourself. Save the environment, save yourself, and save some money in the long run. Buy Here



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