LauraStar Smart Is The World’s First Smart Iron

Just when you thought they’ve already made everything “smart” you’re here reading this article. While you may be thinking, “Who needs a smart iron?” or, “Wait, people still iron their clothes?” or, if you’re really in the dark, “What does an iron do?” Well, if you’re thinking any of those things, we don’t blame you. If you love ironing clothes though, good luck sleeping at night. This high-tech smart ironing system is everything someone who hates wrinkles will love.

The LauraStar Smart is the world’s first (and only) smart ironing system. Just set up the ironing board and connect the iron to your phone’s app via Bluetooth to get started. The iron only takes 3 minutes to heat up. We have to admit, that’s pretty quick. Once you are heated and connected to your phone, you’re ready to go.

Let the LauraStar Smart coach teach you how to iron. Yes, just like your mom tried to. It uses an array of sensors in the iron itself to capture movement and trigger the steam automatically at optimal times. Blowers in the intelligent table inflate it so that the board holds clothes in place to prevent unwanted wrinkles. Or, follow the lines on the board (and your digital ironing coach) and fold your clothes perfectly every time.

Yes everyone, this is a real thing. Yes, you can buy it (soon). Do you need it? Probably not. But if you want to be the coolest ironer around, then this is a must-have item. The Internet of Things has no end in sight. Buy Here

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