Leaf Is a Sleeker, Smarter Way to Grow Herbs

Cannabiz is thriving. Social acceptance for weed is growing and more and more states are legalizing mj. The rise of cannabiz can also be attributed to the wave of CBD products, from oils and lotions to supplements and coffee beans. Weed’s making a play across industries and its here to stay. Like the plant itself, growing pot is also changing. Gone are the days of growing pot in a dingy closet or grow tent. Leaf, the long-awaited home grow box, is the new way to grow all your greens from weed to kale.

Leaf was founded in 2015 by Jonathan Ofir and Eran Mordechay. Ofir conceived the idea out of a personal need to treat his anxiety. He found that it was difficult to grow his own pot with the available methods and his busy schedule did not allow him the time he needed to give to his plants. He came up with the idea of something similar to a wine fridge to automate the growing. While it may be easy to just go to a dispensary, there’s something special about enjoying a crop you grew yourself. Ofir wants people to enjoy all-natural weed that’s free of any nasty chemicals and pesticides that can undo the benefits of mj. Leaf accomplishes that as you’re in charge and monitoring every step of its growth. It’s truly a plug-n-plant system and was created to make growing as simple as possible and accessible to many.

Smart features make growing easier

Though it grows most things, Leaf is designed for home growing medical and recreational marijuana. Growing your own greens at home has never been easier thanks to the modern tech in the Leaf system. Leaf has a whole slew of sensors so you know everything is under control. It’s equipped with industrial pH and TDS, air temperature, humidity, plant height, water level, and water temperature sensors. Leaf connects via Wifi and has over the air firmware and software upgrades. Easily control air temperature, humidity, and water temperature.

You’ll have full control at all times with the Leaf app, available on both iOS and Android. The app lets you monitor growth with daily reports and even a live video stream. You can sync recipes from the community of growers and also share your own. The app’s also where you can find accurate, easy-to-understand, step-by-step video tutorials on how to use your Leaf. The app-operated system is based on machine-learning tech that uses an algorithm that adjusts the plant’s growing conditions. Other features include an app-controlled door lock, odor-preventing active carbon filter, five part Leaf nutrient line, and a water tank pump for easy water extraction and filling. There’s also an optional city water and sewage connection for automatic water tank changes.

A growing investment

Housed and finished in black anodized aluminum, Leaf looks great in any room. The tempered glass optic allows for spot-free cleaning and optimal light transmission. Leaf uses a sustainable and eco-friendly mercury-free lighting source. It has a 200W max power light and the ideal spectrum for all phases of plant growth. Leaf provides a blue-enhanced spectrum to promote improved plant morphology and quality. You can also toggle dimmability from 0 to 100%. Leaf’s lighting also has superior PAR output and PAR photon efficacy, so it’s efficiently converting electrical energy to photons of PAR, which supports photosynthesis for healthy plant growth.

Leaf is the perfect tool to invest in if you’re looking to grow cannabis and even other plants, like strawberries, kale, wheatgrass, and more. All you need to do is plant some seeds, change the water weekly, and replace the Leaf nutrient cartridges and air filter every few months. Growing mj? A typical grow cycle is 3-4 months depending on the strain, recipe, and if it started from seed or clone. Leaf was designed to maximize the potential of one large plant and on average, you’ll yield 4 oz. People don’t need to have green thumbs or prior growing experience to make the most of Leaf. At $2,990, Leaf is definitely an investment, but you save money over time growing your own produce and especially so when it comes to medicinal herbs. Buy Here


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