Learn Chinese With Just Your Voice and This Smart Speaker

Learning a new language is tough and unlike your favorite Pinot Noir, it doesn’t improve with age. Obviously, being bilingual or multilingual is useful in so many ways, professionally and personally. Knowing more than one language can open many doors for you. Chinese is the most widely-spoken language in the world with about 1.2 billion native speakers and roughly 1 billion who speak Mandarin. Learning Mandarin can help you tap into the Chinese market if you’re in business.

You can also travel to China and Taiwan without the worry of a language barrier and feel more secure in knowing what’s what. Bargain at street markets and utilize your newfound language skills or read the menu like a pro at the local favorite diner. Another great reason to learn Mandarin or any language is to immerse yourself in the culture and history. All sound like great reasons to fire up Duolingo or dig up your Rosetta Stone, right?

There’s a new innovative and even more interactive way to learn Chinese, all in a wonderful little package named Lily. Lily is a smart speaker not too dissimilar to Alexa, Google Home, and other virtual assistants, but its main function is to teach you Chinese. The smart speaker launched this past December on Indiegogo and in just over a week, was more than 2500% funded. The campaign has raised more than $1 million and is still climbing.

A new way of learning

Lily does much more than just teach you how to ask where the bathroom is or tell someone your name. The smart speaker focuses on immersive learning rather than textbooks, basic apps, flashcards, or audio lessons. You can have actual conversations with Lily to help you understand the language. Ask her how to introduce yourself and Lily will respond in Mandarin and English. Through your interactions with Lily, you would be able to practice your speech in a more real life conversational setting, kind of like chatting with a friend or tutor. You’ll be able to grasp all the finer points and nuances of the language, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. You can ask for instant translations as well.

Very few modern devices are without an app and Lily’s app is filled with great features and lessons to perfect your Mandarin. The app shows you the accuracy of your pronunciation and lets you compare any mispronounced words with the correct pronunciation, allowing you to perfect your accent. You can see your conversations in Pinyin and learn Chinese characters as well, one of the more difficult aspects of learning the language. You’ll also see a breakdown of words and learn details about each phrase. Other app games and lessons cover topics like family members, colors, numbers, cities and countries, animals, sports, and more, helping increase your vocabulary in a fun and interactive way.

High quality design and sound

Lily takes on the form of a small snowman-like device. The simple design makes it perfect for any room. Lily is wrapped in a seamless knit fabric with around 2,000 sound holes designed for sound permeability. The low stitch density fabric and intermeshing loops are elastic, allowing stretch during production to create more space for sound to pass through. Lily is dressed in three standard color options (China red, cloud white, and space black) and three limited edition colors (sky blue, Tiffany blue, salmon pink).

The tech behind the innovative Lily allows precision so you know you’re getting the best immersive experience. The high-quality audio technology was developed by audio engineers who have Harman and JBL in their repertoire. Lily features high-end audio architecture designed for music, so it provides rich vocals and a dynamic range so you can hear all the subtleties during your lessons. You’ll have a true 360° x 100° listening window with constant immersive sound in all directions. Anywhere Lily is and anywhere you are, you’ll hear deep bass, rich vocals, and crisp highs. The intuitive touch controls make it easy to use Lily. Play music, wake Lily, adjust the volume, mute the mic, and more with touch!

Save time and money by investing in Lily, a smart blend of a high-quality speaker, voice assistant, and teacher! Buy Here

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