Learn How to Survive in the Wild With Cliff Hodges

Maybe you missed out on your Scout days. Maybe binge watching “The Walking Dead” made you realize you can’t survive outside the city. Hey, we all can’t be Rick Grimes. Don’t fret—Cliff Hodges, survival expert and host of National Geographic’s “Remote Survival,” can show you the ropes (literally…you might learn how to tie important knots or set traps) and maybe, just maybe, you can at least survive to Season 2. This one-day wilderness survival course in Northern California’s majestic redwood forest will hopefully teach you what you need to survive in the wild.

You and up to four of your crew can gear up and prep to spend five hours in the great outdoors. All tools and equipment will be provided for the class. IfOnly suggests you pack lunch, snacks, water, and a pen and notebook for notes. Cliff will lead your group deep into the woods and there, you’ll shed the conveniences of modern life, learning how to build an earthen shelter, start fire by friction, collect and purify water, identify and harvest edible plants, and more. You’ll have one-on-one instruction with Cliff available throughout the day. What makes this experience even cooler is that sales benefit Tipping Point, an organization that screens nonprofits to find, fund, and partner with groups helping low-income people achieve self-sufficiency and fight poverty. Buy Here – Get 10% Off Your IfOnly Order Using Code “THEDAILYWANT10”

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