LegacyBox Converts Your Photo And Video Memories Into Digital Format

For those that collected photo and video memories before the invention of digital cameras, the reality of having boxes and boxes of them can be overwhelming. Not to mention one fire or flood can permanently ruin all of them. Fortunately, there is a great way to convert those physical memories into digital versions.

LegacyBox is a mail-in service that lets you send in your old photos and videos and have them returned on a thumb drive, DVD, or put on the cloud.

Safe And Secure

It can be nerve-wracking to send the only copy of your photos and family videos in the mail. Fortunately, LegacyBox understands that. While nothing can totally ease that fear, the service uses state of the art tracking and real-time updates to set your mind at ease throughout the process.

The entire thing is streamlined and simple enough for anyone to use. LegacyBox will send you an empty box and easy-to-follow instructions. Once you fill it, you ship it back via UPS.

Fill And Ship

LegacyBox can convert everything from VHS tapes to 8mm and 16mm film as well as photo prints, 35mm slides, and negatives. You can also convert audio materials like cassette tapes. The whole thing takes just 2-4 weeks and you’ll receive your digitized memories either in the mail or via a secure link to the cloud.

You also get all of your original physical media back. Though you probably won’t look at it much once you have the digital version, it is always nice to have. At least you won’t have to worry about only having one copy.

Best yet, LegacyBox has 10 years of experience providing people with digitized memories. The process takes place in a 50,000 square foot facility right here in the U.S. That means your pictures never travel far before being converted. Buy Here


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