Relive The Glory Of Rome With Lego’s New Colosseum Set

Lego might seem like a brand for kids at first glance. However, there are plenty of adults (myself included) that can’t get enough bricks. Huge sets like the iconic Millennium Falcon and Death Star have made large-scale Lego projects popular with home builders.

Now, Lego has done it again. The company just released its largest set yet in the form of the Roman Colosseum. It is designed to emulate the real-world structure and includes more than 9,000 pieces. Fans of large Lego builds will certainly want to check out this one.

When In Rome

Lego went all-in on its latest set. The Colosseum is an iconic historical landmark that is known all around the world. So, translating it into brick form took a lot of work. The monumental structure has been painstakingly recreated with tiny bricks of all shapes and sizes to give it a lifelike appearance.

It was a marvel of engineering when it was constructed in ancient Rome and it is equally as impressive when being constructed at your dining room table.

Details like archways and walkways (complete with paving stones and olive trees) are found in this iconic Lego set. What you see on the surface isn’t all there is, however. Lego went so far as to recreate the massive structure hidden beneath the floor of the arena.

The set promises hours upon hours of brick building entertainment. Thanks to its 360-degree design, the Colosseum looks great from any angle, regardless of where you choose to display it.

As you’re building, you can refer to the coffee-table-style instructions book that is complete with illustrations and facts about the real-world Colosseum. Designed for fans that love elegant, accurate designs and stunning brick-by-brick architecture, the new Lego Colosseum set is one that is sure to be a hit. Buy here

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