Lems Leather Boulder Boot: The Ultimate Adventure Shoe

Ah, the great outdoors! Sun shining, birds chirping and ouch, blisters? If you’re an avid outdoorsman, the search for the perfect boot can be harder than the hike itself. Look no further than the Lems Boulder Boot! Minimalist in design and complete with a full grain leather upper, this boot is perfect for travel and adventure. The Boulder features a wide toe box, zero-drop design, lightweight form and soft, comfortable lining. Lems believes in minimalism and it definitely shows in the Boulder. Its barefoot design brings your feet closer to the ground. Athletic barefooting is not for everyone and takes some getting used to, but there are many strong advocates for this philosophy.

One of the great selling points of the Boulder is that it’s extremely portable. It’s packable in the smallest of daypacks and a size 43 weighs only 9.9 oz. The boot’s air-injected rubber soles keeps things lightweight, softer and more flexible than traditional rubber, so you can roll it up like a Fruit Roll-Up. The Boulder isn’t only a practical shoe, but stylish as well. It wouldn’t look out of place at the dinner table. The leather upper gives you the water-resistance and durability you need when you’re roughing it on the trails or on the streets, without sacrificing style. Buy Here

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