Leonardo DiCaprio Just Sold This NYC Apartment For A $2 Million Loss


You might know Leonardo DiCaprio from his small role on Growing Pains, or his large rolls in way less awesome movies like The Beach, Titanic, and others. I think we can all agree that compared to Growing Pains everything else in his career is peanuts. Anyway, as everyone knows, Leonardo DiCaprio is a wildly successful actor and he probably owns a lot of property. But he recently just sold an apartment in NYC for a $2 million loss. Makes you wonder why, doesn’t it?

In 2014, DiCaprio paid $10 million for the 3,663-square-foot, 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath condo in New York’s Greenwich Village. He is said not to have spent much time in the condo, and he was even renting it out since 2015 for $25,000 per month. For whatever reason, the Oscar-winning actor must have really wanted to dump the property if he was willing to take a $2 million loss. Maybe he needed a tax write off or maybe he just has so much money that $2 million was worth not having the headache of owning the property. Who knows!?!

Let’s take a look at this place, shall we? We’ll start with the floor plan.

Yes, this is what $10,000,000 will buy you in New York City. Depressing, isn’ it?



Perhaps Leo decided to offload it when he found out one of the rooms was being used as a children’s room. Ruined the entire apartment for him.



That’s a nice office. I could easily write a Hallmark Channel christmas movie in that office.



This bathroom is kind of pedestrian. Don’t love it. Don’t love it at all.



How many models do you think that bed has seen?



Kind of a cluttered area. So much going on. Too much, really.



Ok, that kitchen is money. What’s not money is that you can see every one in the building next door. Leo must have hated that. For $25,000 a month rent I don’t want to know that other humans exist unless that is my choice.

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