Toolcard Pro By Lever Gear Is A Compact 40-In-1 Multi Tool

Lever Toolcard Pro Multi-Tool

The Toolcard Pro by Lever Gear is a compact multi-tool which combines 40 tools into a 1-ounce device. This item is small enough to slip discreetly into your pocket or wallet. Lever Gear’s Toolcard Pro is built to comply with TSA specifications so it is also safe to fly with. Purchase Today

This is a multi-tool built to make your everyday life even easier. Tiny tools are peppered throughout this amazing 1-ounce credit card tool. It features screwdrivers, can/bottle openers, measurements in millimeters and inches, cord cutter, and a whole lot more.

Lever Toolcard Pro Multi-Tool

Lever Toolcard Pro Multi-Tool

The Toolcard Pro was first launched on Kickstarter where it raised over $65,000 from Everyday Carry enthusiasts. This amazing EDC tool has since been taken to market and is now available for purchase on Amazon at a very reasonable price.

Lever Gear’s Toolcard Pro is forged from heat-treated 420 stainless steel. It’s also laser marked to ensure the measurement notches won’t ever rub or wash off. This is a multi-tool built for both Everyday Carry enthusiasts and casual citizens looking to make life easier.

In the world of EDC tools, you will be hard-pressed to find a better tool than the Toolcard Pro by Level Gear.

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