Lexdray’s Symmetry Collection Of Backpacks In Navy Blue Is Straight Fire

If you told me 15 years ago that I would be wearing backpacks as a well-adjusted adult I would have slapped the yellow off your teeth. It wasn’t that long ago that the mentality was that you should graduate from backpacks made of nylon and mesh and move on to carrying your stuff in something made of leather. That’s what adults did.

Turns out, my fear of a life clad in leather never materialized. Maybe we have the athleisure movement to thank for it, but I’m more than thrilled to know I can carry backpacks or messenger bags like those made by Lexdray and feel zero shame doing so. Plus, how could you feel bad carrying these? They’re too damn good looking to care what anyone thinks.

image0008 image0009

Each style comes in the signature new navy blue with a custom Lexdray heather gray lining and as with all Lexdray products, the Symmetry Collection is produced in limited quantities for quality control and exclusivity.

Rome Pack, a classic, everyday backpack


Amsterdam Brief, a slim brief for daily necessities.image0003

Mumbai Messenger, a uniquely shaped and versatile carry-all.image0004

Want that messenger bag. Want it so damn bad.

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