Lexus’ LY650 Yacht Continues The Relentless Pursuit Of Perfection

Lexus may have been pursuing perfection long enough to catch up with it. The Lexus LY650 Yacht looks like something right out of a James Bond movie. It features a flawless combination of sleek modern lines, with a timeless color scheme of black and white. Dive right into the deep blue ocean and pierce the waves with Lexus’ newest creation.

A Beauty And A Beast

The interior of the yacht relies heavily on Japanese influences, specifically omotenashi. Omotenashi can be tied to Japanese hospitality and embodies sincerity and warm-heartedness. Japanese hospitality also leans into the idea of trying at anticipates people’s needs. Lexus took that idea and turned it into a luxury yacht. The interior has a clean white design that gives the vessel an openness as well as curved lines to make the yacht feel comfortable and welcoming.

Powering this bad boy is twin Volvo Penta IPS 3 engines. Due to the unique shape of the yacht’s hull, Lexus was able to create optimal power with low fuel usage, making your time out on the open water last even longer. The hull is made from CFRP allowing it to be both light and sturdy.

Technologically Adept

In the era of smartphones and smart homes, Lexus did not take a back seat. The Lexus LY650 Yacht has an LY link which allows for quick uploads and information sharing. One unique feature is you can program the yacht to send an emergency text message if something were to go awry. Just like in your smart home, you can adjust the yacht’s air conditioning and lighting at all at a swipe of your thumb.

A New Sense Of Luxury

Taking a step back from luxury cars, Lexus hit it out of the park with their new luxury yacht. Learn More